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"I Cannot Live Without the Volk Eye Check"

[September 2016 – Optometry Today] – Optometrist Belinda Babumba, OD shares why she cannot live without the Volk Eye Check. She uses the ocular measurement device on every patient she sees at City Eyes Ophthalmic Opticians in London. Dr. Babumba enjoys the convenience of the measurements provided in planning her exam clinics, as well as for preparing for her contact lens clinics. The Volk Eye' Check's accurate & objective data really helps optometrists like Belinada Babumba save time, increase exam efficiency, and improve patient satisfaction. Read More.








Volk Eye Check in Practice

[January 2016 – Optician Magazine / Opticianonline.net ] – Optometrist Alex Levit from the UK discusses the hardships of fitting specialty contact lenses over standard single vision CLs. In this piece, we see how the Volk Eye Check has revolutionized his aboility to fit specialty CLs and impresses patients that apprcieate the technological advancement in measuring and fitting CLs. Five case studies are presented which provide excellent real-life examples of how Volk Eye Check aides and improves the CL fitting process. Read more.

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Fitting CLs Using Visible Iris Diameter Measurements

[October 2015 – Contact Lens Poster at BCLA 2015] – Optometrists from Michigan College of Optometry at Ferris State University presented the following research project in Liverpool, UK at BCLA 2015. The cope of the project was to evaluate the meassurement of Visible Iris Diameter for fitting contact lenses using the Volk Eye Check. The focus of their research project was to evaluate the accuracy and repeatablity of the Contact Lens Mode of the Volk Eye Check. Read More.

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Prescribing for Presbyopia

[September 2015 – Contact Lens Spectrum] – In this article by Craig Norman, Director of Research, Michigan College of Optometry at Ferris State University, the merits of using multiple measurements for the purpose of properly designing contact lenses is discussed. Norman dives into the significant reasons why horizontal/diagonal visible iris diameter (HVID/DVID), pupil size, distance from the lower eyelid margin to the pupil margin, and palpebral aperture size should be used in fitting contact lenses for presbyopes in addition to the more traditional Ks and spectacle Rx measurements. The Volk Eye Check and its Contact Lens mode with Best Fit Analysis is designed specifically to provide these critical measurements fast and easily. Read more from Craig Norman here:  http://www.clspectrum.com/articleviewer.aspx?articleID=113205









Volk Eye Check – Contact Lens Module

[Las Vegas, NV – Jan 2015]  – Contact lens fitting revolutionized with the Volk Eye Check – New Contact Lens Module reduces drop outs and improves first time fit

Volk Optical announces the launch of Volk Eye Check for the contact lens market. An addition to the current Volk Eye Check device, which provides ocular measurements and aids in the diagnosis of ophthalmic abnormalities such as strabismus, The Volk Eye Check Contact Lens module is a new software application focused on assisting the contact lens practitioner to achieve a quicker fitting process and to reduce drop-out rates.

By automatically providing objective and accurate measurements of key eye parameters such as HVID, pupils and lids, Volk Eye Check’s Contact Lens module will assist practitioners in quickly identifying patients that may require non-standard optics in their lenses, and also to assist in the quick and smooth fitting of progressive, RGP, and scleral lenses.


Volk Eye Check

[Optometry Today – Aug 2014] – Optometrist Dr Simon Barnard and IRISS chief executive Yuval Yashiv speak to OT ’s Ryan O’Hare about developing their new diagnostic tool

Despite the likes of OCTs and abberometers, some of the standard diagnostic tests used in optometry today have
changed little over the years. The cover test, the Hirschberg and the millimetre ruler remain a valuable part of the
optometrist’s diagnostic toolbox, but still require the artful interpretation of the practitioner.

Dr Simon Barnard and Yuval Yashiv are two of those looking to apply a little more science to the art. The pair are
part of the team behind the Volk Eye Check, a diagnostic device aimed at optometrists and ophthalmologists.  Read More.