Volk EyeCheck

Oculoplastics (OP) Mode

Volk Eye Check Oculoplastics (OP) Mode

Documenting Lids & Landmarks

Volk Eye Check Oculoplastics (OP) Mode

Volk Eye Check’s Oculoplastics (OP) Mode analyzes 26 datapoints in under one minute, providing precise binocular capture of
measurements including:

  • Automatic, fast and objective
  • 26 key ocular data points including:

    • MRD1 & MRD2 and two additional points on each lid
    • Palpebral aperture & apertures at limbus
    • Pupil diameter & iris diameter
    • Pupil eccentricity
  • Unique Grid Mode for measure landmarks

In addition, a grid scale provides a convenient way to measure and compare landmarks such as brow position, and Margin Crease Distance.

Key Benefits

  • Objective documentation for medical insurance approval for surgery
  • Convenient tool for documenting pre- and post-op oculoplasty
  • Automatic & objective measurements of 26 ocular data points in under 1 minute
  • Great for blepharochalasis, dermatochalasis, blepharoptosis, and macrocornea