Volk EyeCheck

Eye Check (EC) Mode

Volk Eye Check EC Mode

Objective data. Faster decisions. Superior care.

Eye Check (EC) Mode can be used as a routine complementary diagnostic and data gathering tool, measurements may be usefully gathered and recorded to track patient ocular health over time.

Specific to pediatric patients Volk Eye Check’s consistent outputs provide objective accurate measurements. Ease of use enables quick analysis of uncooperative patients to support other examination methods such as the cover test.

  • Objective documentation of strabismus amplitude
  • Additional data for detection of other abnormalities

Key Benefits:

  • Objective documentation of key features such as  pupil size,  HVID  and lid position. Quantifies strabismus ang
  • Measures and displays the strabismus angle in prism diopters, which is completely unique
  • Easy to use, easy to read, and quick!  17 different measurements in a single session
  • Can be operated by anyone, including clinical support staff
  • Reduces inter-clinician variability
  • Convenient patient output report in electronic and printable report format.