Volk EyeCheck

Contact Lens (CL) Mode

Volk Eye Check CL Mode

Simple. Fast. Accurate.

Provides accurate measurement of the key parameters needed for professional fitting of contact lenses. These measurements are a useful aid in standard and specialty contact lens fitting and optical design.

  • Effectively screens patients whose eye parameters, such as cornea size, pupil size, and pupil position, require non-standard lens parameters and optics.
  • Improves fit of standard and specialty soft and rigid contact lenses by providing accurate and objective data on the following key parameters.
  • Horizontal Visible Iris Diameter (HVID), Vertical Iris Diameter, & Diagonal Iris Diameter.
  • Pupil size & pupil size difference
  • Lid positions – pupil center to upper/lower lids for each eye
  • Sagittal height (a.k.a. corneal sag)
  • Pupil eccentricity for each eye

Key Benefits

  • Instantly provides 21 different measurements in a single session to help improve contact lens fittings and optimize chair time.
  • Reduce drop-out rates by quickly pointing to the best fit lens.
  • Eliminate costly and time-consuming trial & error of fitting lenses.
  • Help to accurately fit specialty lenses: progressive, RGP, scleral, etc.
  • Easily used by a technician, which improves office work flow by freeing time for the OD or MD.
  • Convenient patient output report in electronic and printable report format.



  • Identify patients suitable for specialty contact lenses in seconds
  • Increase first time fit rate with accurate measurements and recommendations
  • Enhance visual acuity in multifocal lenses with accurate pupil measurement

A precise fitting guide tailored to each of your patients; Volk Eye Check’s Best Fit Analysis report combines accurate measurements of HVID, Pupil Diameter, Sagittal Depth to generate a list of lenses suitable for your patient.







4 ways Best Fit Analysis can benefit your practice!

  1. Fit Specialty Lenses the First Time saving valuable chair time.
  2. Increase your patients’ multifocal lens uptake by fitting with fast and accurate pupil measurement for the best visual acuity.
  3. Increase your use of higher margin specialty lenses by identifying candidate patients in seconds.
  4. Reduce comfort based dropouts and pinpoint the most appropriate lens for each patient.

How Volk Eye Check can improve fitting across all your ranges of contact lenses

Soft Contacts & GP Lenses
HVID can provide better fitting lenses first time.

Matching pupil size to optic zones can improve visual acuity across near vision and distance vision. Identifying pupil eccentricity can be important in developing matching optical zones.

Scleral Lenses
An accurate sagittal depth is key for providing the right vault over the cornea.

Learning Center

  • Use HVID to instantly pinpoint the best fitting contact lens for your patient [1]
  • Enhance visual acuity in multifocals with accurate pupil measurements [2]
  • Fit all contact lenses using sagittal depth for a better fit than k-values alone [3]

See how manufacturers are incorporating precise ocular measurements to provide enhanced patient comfort and visual acuity:

Read more on how accurate measurements can optimise fitting with this fitting guide from pacific university

Your purchase of a Volk Eye Check includes an entire year of Best Fit Analysis reporting and then is just $24.99 per month.

[1] Caroline P, Andre M. The effect of corneal diameter on soft lens fitting, part 1. Contact Lens Spectrum 2002; 17(4)56; [2] S. Plainis, D. Atchison, and W. Charman. Power Profiles of Multifocal Contact Lenses and Their Interpretation. Optometry and Vision Science 2013;90(10);[3] W. Douthwaite. Initial Selection of Soft Contact Lenses Based on Corneal Characteristics. The CLAO Journal 28(4): 202–205, 2002.